We Offer 20 Unique Varieties of Fresh-Picked Grapes

Our grapes are in season late July through mid-September



Alden ( seeded )

Alden is a deep blue Concord colored grape with California grape characteristics. The fruit's meaty non-slipskin texture is similar to vinifera grapes. Taste is slightly muscat, very little labrusca like the concords. It makes an excellent white muscat wine. Has very low acid, allowing a sweet taste with relatively low sugar content.

Boco Noir ( seeded )

(Ripens early) This excellent, versatile wine grape is the lasting legacy of French grape hybridizer Francois Baco. It's skin darkly pigmented, but low in tannins. It is most often used to make a deep red wine with a light to medium body, high acidity with aromas of black fruit and caramel. When made correctly, Baco wines are suitable for aging up to 15 years.


Brighton ( seeded )

Red seeded, large, late ripening grape. Taste is labrusca from its concord parentage), richly sweet, and most unusual of all, very similar to a muscadine. So aromatic when picked at peak of ripeness the aroma can fill a room. Named after Brighton, NY, hometown of its originator, Jacob Moore (of Moore's Diamond fame). Very exclusive, very few nurseries (we can't find any online) offer this variety anymore. One of the few online articles we found dated back to 1887 praising its qualities as an excellent table & dessert grape. Like its concord parent, it is a good keeper & is an excellent all-purpose grape. We like it for wine because of its muscadine taste.


Buffalo ( seeded )

Blue/purple seeded concord type grape. Good all-purpose grape for jams, jellies, juice, wine & pies. Originally grown for wines. High quality, slipskin grape.


Concord ( seeded )

Blue/Purple large seeded grape. Concord is the classic native grape of the eastern US. The rich labrusca taste (twangy, tart & sweet) is indicative of native grapes. Many wine grapes are crosses between concord & sweet french grapes. A classic dessert grape. One of the most popular grapes for jellies & jams. All purpose, great for jams, jellies, juice, wine and pies. Good keeper.

Delaware ( seeded )

A red seeded concord. Rich, labrusca taste. Like the blue concord, it is an all-purpose grape good for jams, jellies, juice, wine & pies. One of the highest quality red grape varieties.


Fredonia ( seeded )

Early ripening concord grape. Very sweet, mild flavor mixed with labrusca from its concord parent. Very hardy and prolific, one of the easiest vines to grow. Great all-purpose grape for jams, jellies, pies, juice & wine. A very nice table and dessert grape as well.

Glenora ( seedless )

Developed at the NY State Experimental Station, and released in 1976. Blue/black seedless grape. Sweet, spicy, fine-textured, highly flavored flesh. Good for pies. Keeps well on vine. A favorite home garden grape.


Marquis ( seedless )

Seedless with large round yellow-green berries. Rich fruity flavor, which deepens when left to ripen on the vine. Ripe fruit hangs well on the vine, with flavors going from mild to labrusca flavor 2 weeks later.


Mars ( seedless )

These large, blue grapes are juicy & sweet. Good all-purpose grape. Makes a great table grape. Flavor is mildly labrusca. Grape has a slipskin (thick, tough skins that separates readily from the flesh) which makes them easy to peel.


Moore's Diamond ( seedless )

This seedless french hybrid dates to 1885 when Jacob Moore of Brighton, NY crossed Concord with the Iona grape. It has the same crisp, grapey flavor as its more famous parent, the concord, but the flavor is lighter and milder. This variety makes a great table grape, but can also be used to make either sweet or dry wines. Dry Diamond wines have notes of green apple, lemon, and mineral, while sweet Diamond wines have pineapple and tropical fruit flavors. Best known as a champagne grape.


Niagara ( seeded )

Most popular native white grape. White Concord. Large berries that become very juicy and sweet. Good for wine & juice.


Ontario ( seeded )

A white concord. Ontario produces very sweet, white to light yellow grapes with large, loosely filled clusters. Grapes have a rich, distinctive flavor, with less foxiness than Niagara. Makes a great table grape if you like a sweet, tangy grape. Like the other concords, it is great for jellies, jams, pies, juice & wine.


Reliance ( seedless )

Red Seedless grape. Sweet labrusca flavor. Tender skin, flesh is melting in texture. All-purpose, heavy bearing, good keeper. Award winning wine grape.


Seibel ( seeded )

Produces long bunches of small, deep purple, seeded grapes used for wine making. Comes from a group of wine grapes developed by Albert Seibel who was crossing European grapes with native North American grapes. The siebel is generally used as a blending grape in popular table wines. Also used to a lesser extent in fruity and sparkling wines.

Ansley Steinhice - sheridan.JPG

Sheridan ( seeded )

Blue seeded concord type grape. Good all-purpose grape for jams, jellies, juice, wine & pies. Good Keeper.


Steuben ( seeded )

Blue seeded concord. A french-american hybrid. Flavor is spicy & sweet with a hint of honey (hince, its nickname ambrosia). Makes a mild grapey red wine often referred to as "juice with a kick.” Good table grape & excellent for juice and wine. Good Keeper.


Van Buren ( seeded )

Blue/purple, early ripening concord type grape. Sweet, mild flavor mixed with labrusca from concord parent. Good all-purpose grape for jams, jellies, juice, wine & pies. Like all of our concord type grapes, this is a very hardy and easy vine to grow. The grapes do well and are quite prolific due to their native parentage.


Vanessa ( seedless )

A blushing red seedless grape with nearly translucent skin. Firm and tender, with a sweet and zesty flavor. Dessert grape of excellent quality. Good keeper, all purpose grape especially good for juice and wine.


Venus ( seedless )

Blue/black seedless. Has medium-large clusters of large berries. Mild labrusca flavors. Good table grape and for juice.